Microdose HUB

A tool for installing & updating Microdose VR

Microdose HUB

Getting Started

First things first, download & run the Microdose HUB installer.

Running this file will automatically install & launch the HUB.


Once you have the HUB running, click the Install Latest Build button.

Installing Build

Next, select where you want to install the build to.

NOTE: You currently need to select a directory that is not protected by Windows (c:\ProgramFiles for example, won't work)

Hub Install Build

Clicking the Install Button will start the download of the required files from our server.

This process may take a while depending on your network speeds.

Hub Download Build

Once the download is complete, the files will automatically start installing.

This process may take a while depending on your drives read & write speeds.

Hub Installing Files

Once the installation is complete, you should notice the Microdose VR build version in the bottom right corner, along with a trashcan icon which can be used to uninstall the build.

Click Continue to be taken to the Dashboard.

From here on out (unless your build needs to be updated), this is the view you will see when you start the HUB.

Hub Install Complete


From the Dashboard view, clicking the Open Microdose button will launch the installed build.

Remember to have your VR HMD installed & callibrated before launching, or you could end up seeing the blue rings of death.

Hub Dashboard


Our team is working around the clock on new features & content, and every so often, you will need to update to the latest build.

Hub Update Needed

If you start the HUB and see a yellow Update - Build out of date button, clicking it will take you to the update configuration view below.

Here you have another chance to change the installation path of the build. Clicking the Start Update will begin a process nearly identical to the installation process above.

Hub Update Start


As we are a small team in the early Alpha phase of development, you will potentially run into issues while using our software.

Before asking for help in the #Support channel on the Microdose Discord, see if the following info can help solve your problems.

General Installation/Launching Issues

If you are running into problems with your build launching, or installation/update not completing, try to remove and reinstall your build first. Sometimes if your installation is interrupted, the HUB will get caught in a weird state, keeping you from playing Microdose.

To remove a build, simply click the trash can icon next to the build version in the bottom right corner of the HUB. This process will only take a moment, but after it is complete, you will have a fresh HUB to try and install a build again.

Microdose HUB Console

For advanced troubleshooting, we have provided a debug Console in the HUB. To activate it, simple click the Tilde Key ~ on the top left of your keyboard.

This will drop down special view that traces out important information that can help us track down the cause of your issues.

Hub Console

The console takes one command at this point, clear. This will empty out the logs, but use it carefully...our devs will need your log to troubleshoot your issue.

In the bottom corner of the console, is a cloud upload icon. Our devs may instruct you to click this during troubleshooting. Basically it uploads your logs to our server, and traces out a special hash token for you, so we can track logs to specific users.

When asking for help in the discord, sending these logs and having your token will help us find your logs faster.

Clicking the ~ key again will close the console.