Inputting various types of data into the Microdose software


To learn about the hardware controllers and key combinations, see Interface.

Data Input

Control Signal

The Control Signal is an array of oscillators which is used to drive the rhythm of visual animation in Microdose.

There are currently 3 modules which feed the Control Signal source:

  • Audio Reactivity - Uses the system audio device to sync with music.
    Currently only music with a strong bass beat is supported, due to the audio reactive calibration. Support for other genres will be supported in the future.

  • Modulation - (Default) Uses a set of preset LFO modulators in phase and at the global BPM.
    The global BPM can be controlled using Tick Tock (more below.) Default is set to 120BPM.

  • Biofeedback - For development purposes only.
    Support for MUSE biofeedback hardware coming late 2019.


Tick Tock

Tick Tock is a feature introduced in A1.1 which allows you to beat match the phase and frequency of the modulators and LFOs by tapping a key at a consistent frequency. To use this, repeatedly tap SPACEBAR on your keyboard at the desired frequency.

OSC Interface

We will implementing an OSC interface and layouts for Touch OSC, currently scheduled for A1.2., then the endpoints will be documated on this Manual.

MIDI Interface

We will be implementing a MIDI device interface for A1.3 or later. Third party apps could be used to route MIDI device input to the OSC interface.