<!-- TITLE: Microdose VR Manual --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Getting started with Microdose --> ### Current Build Version: Alpha 1.1 # Table of Contents - [Microdose HUB](/hub) - [User Interface](/interface) - [Inputs](/input) - [Outputs](/output) - [Content Development](/dev) # Welcome Welcome to the Official Microdose VR Manual. This manual is under construction, so you can expect it to be rough around the edges. This manual may contain documentation for features which aren't currently available yet. If so, they will be denoted with the version number that they are slated to appear on, usually the next available update. Special thanks to *Soup (Life is Art)* on the Discord for putting together a helpful unofficial manual for Vive users, you can download the PDF here: - [Soup's Microdose VR Manual V1.3](/uploads/microdose-vr-manual-v-1-3.pdf) ## About Microdose VR is a creative flow state simulator that combines the artist, musician and dancer into a new medium. It is developed and operated by [Vision Agency](https://visionagency.net), a software and immersive content development studio based near Denver in Colorado, USA, and Vancouver in BC, Canada. ## Project Status We are currently running a public *Alpha Program* for early adopters, testers and creators to get ahold of the Microdose VR software and play with it. The Alpha Program is entirely free of charge for private at home play, and for use VJing at public performances such as music events, festivals and concerts. We encourage players of VJ Mode to share it at events and in public. We are using the Alpha Program as an opportunity to gather feedback from the community to understand how Microdose behaves out in the wild, discover common issues which we couldn't otherwise find, and watch all the cool things that you make with it while we continue to build in new features, improve the user experience and develop new content. For more info, see our Roadmap: [Microdose VR - Trello - Roadmap](https://trello.com/b/Lor5g4qa/microdose-vr-support-roadmap) ## Social Links You can find and keep up to date with Microdose VR on these platforms. We love to see your pictures of using Microdose VR outside at events, send us your pictures via Instagram **#MicrodoseVR** and on our **Discord Server**: - [Discord - MicrodoseVR](http://microdose.chat) - [Instagram - @microdoseVR](https://instagram.com/microdosevr/) - [Facebook - @microdoseVR](https://facebook.com/microdosevr/) - [Twitter - @microdoseVR](https://twitter.com/microdosevr/) # Getting Started ## Hardware and Software Requirements - CPU: Intel i5, i7 or greater - GPU: Nvidia GTX1060 Graphic Card or greater - RAM: 16GB+ - VR Kit: Oculus Rift, Rift S or Quest with Link cable, HTC Vive or Vive Pro, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality - OS: Windows 10 - SETUP: It is required to turn on the computer and plug in the VR kit in order for Microdose VR to work. If that doesn't solve it then please contact #support on our Discord ## Obtaining a Seed Code The first key in order to get Microdose VR is locating a **Seed Code** which exists generally as a single word noun. This provides access to generate a user account which is required to play. Different Seed Codes are distributed on a semi-regular basis to each of our social channels, including **Instagram**, **Newsletter**, **Discord**, **Facebook** and **Twitter**. Seed codes often, but not always, appear in the form of QR codes which are sometimes obvious, other times hidden in the details of the images we post on our social channels. Seed codes are limited use, so only a specific number of users can sign up with any given seed code. After everybody has used up a Seed Code it no longer works. ### QR Codes Scanning a QR code requires a special app for your phone. Some apps work better than others, especially since we stylize and embed QR codes at skewed perspectives and with custom modifications which end up not working for some QR code scanners. Some of the QR codes we drop actually require that you hold the phone at the correct angle relative to the screen in order for it to read. Recommended QR Code scanners: - **[Google Lens](https://lens.google.com)** - Available for Android and iOS devices - All of our QR code drops are repeatedly tested and have at least one code which is guarenteed to work with Google Lens. If it isn't scanning the code hold the phone closer to the image, or at an oblique angle and hold it steady until the code is highlighted, then click on the highlighted area to reveal the code. Sometimes drops contain more than one QR code so try them all until one works. Many other QR Code scanning apps also work, though not all of them are sophisticated enough to do perspective distortion and decode stylized codes. If you have another QR Code app which you prefer, let us know on the Discord so we can include it here. ## Download & Installation After obtaining a Seed Code, you can insert it into our website [at this location](https://microdosevr.com/alpha/) to check the validity and availability of the seed code, then download the [Microdose HUB](/hub) installer. If you have already used a Seed Code to generate an account and are just needing to download Microdose, you can [download the installer directly](https://microdosevr.com/download/). Note, unless you already have an account the installer will not work. ## Authentication Using Microdose VR requires an account. ### Registration Currently, we are in a limited alpha release and ask for a Seed Code to make an account. The first time you run Microdose VR, you will be presented with a registration form. Enter your information, and your seed code. After submitting, you will be sent an email with a link to click, so we can verify your address. Once you've completed this step, you will be able to use Microdose VR. ### Login After your first time using Microdose, the software will open to the Login form on startup. Enter your username and password to procede. If you enter the wrong password 3 times, your account will be locked. Click the Unlock Account text on the form, and follow the instructions to unlock it. # Support ## FAQ Frequently Asked Questions are not here yet. Check out our [website FAQ](https://microdosevr.com/support/) in the meantime.